A powderpost beetle claim made it all the way to the San Francisco Bay-area local TV news this week. After a woman sought the help of ABC affiliate KGO-TV,

an Oakland flooring mill replaced her defective floor four years after it was installed; the floor was found to have been infested with powderpost beetles. Don White Lumber Company made an insurance claim on the floor and handed over a $16,000 check to homeowner Barbara Matteucci, and workers replaced her ash floor with an oak floor. Mill owner Don White said, "It's the only time in 138 years in business that this has happened. It's a rare kind of occurrence, but you plan for it and you take care of your customers." After discovering powderpost beetles burrowing throughout her dining room floor, an exterminator told Matteucci the floor had most likely been infested with beetles before it was installed. The complete story from KGO-TV can be found here.