Click, click, click, click … The noise of heels on a wood floor is unmistakable and, according to Londoners Hameed and Inan Faidi, can make for a "living hell." So is the noise enough to mandate a carpet cover-up?

Right now, the Faidis are waiting for a legal decision on that question, according to The Telegraph. The Faidis had lived in peace with their upstairs neighbors since moving into Eaton Mansions in 1995; however, the arrival of the wood floor-sometime between 2007 and 2009-shattered the peace.

The Faidis claimed their neighbors live "in a normal way" upstairs, but the wood flooring creates a "noise nuisance," the Telegraph wrote. A previous suit against the apartment's landlord, the Elliott Corporation, failed, and the Faidis appealed. This time, the Faidis are suing the building's owner, the Grosvenor Estate. A lawyer for the Faidis told the court there is a clause in the apartment's lease dictating that every room be carpeted except for the kitchen and bathroom.

How noisy is the wood floor? An unnamed neighbor of the Faidi family told the Telegraph: "I understand that the previous owner got permission to take up the carpet but now it's posing a problem. It's like hammering when people walk on it, and it does cause a disturbance."