Owning Our Turf vs. Bad Consumer Advice

A post awhile back on Hardwood Floor's Facebook page got my attention. They regularly post examples of terrible advice for consumers in the mainstream press, and this was one of those Do It Yourself... Read More

Installing a Double Picture-Frame Border, Part 2

Hidey-ho, partners, Keith Long here with Thunderheart Flooring to finish up the double picture frame border project we started in the last post. After having cut the perimeter of the field with the... Read More

Installing a Double Picture-Frame Border, Part 1

Keith Long here with Thunderheart Flooring to go through a project my wife Robin and I recently completed in Fort Collins, Colo. This double picture frame border technique is relatively... Read More

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Threatened, But Not By Us ...

Last week I walked the Hill with colleagues from the flooring, lumber, panel, and other wood industries for the Hardwood Federation Fly-In. We had several items on the agenda, but the key one was the... Read More

Hardwood Federation Fly-In 2014

I am in Washington again for the annual Federation Fly-In. We’ve had a great turnout, and beyond hoping to do some good for the industry and get educated on the issues, it’s great to just catch... Read More

Alphabet Soup Series, Part 14 of Many: ISO

The ISO is the International Organization for Standardization, and, as the name implies, the group develops and publishes International Standards. Read More

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A Great Way to End Up in an Inspection

When the installer gets the call to come back to the job site to complete a board replacement, he should have the skill sets to complete it successfully. Here is a repair of a prefinished floor; look... Read More

More Words of Advice on OSB Subfloors

I had a blog entry earlier this year about OSB subflooring. I want to continue that discussion some more. One question I received after the last entry was whether my statement that coated fasteners... Read More

A Simple Solution to Avoid This Inspection

Causing sanding damage to millwork items such as the baseboard and base shoe is a floor refinisher's nightmare. In many cases, the millwork has already seen wear and tear. Now, after sanding, it has... Read More

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Upward Trends and Fantastic NWFA Membership Growth

It’s no secret to all of you who have been in the wood flooring business in recent years, there have been some ups and downs. Thankfully, consumer and business confidence is strong again. Read More

Lagler Fly & Sand: Experience of a Lifetime

Many of you who read these blogs may be familiar with Michael Martin’s series from earlier this summer, titled “On the Road with NWFA.” While Michael traveled throughout the Northeast and upper... Read More

So You are a CWFI, CI, CSF, CR, MCR, ADM, VGR, AMB … What?

I recently had the opportunity to speak with a doctor about his floor, and as I spoke to him, I said, "Mr. Smith, your floor has a moisture issue."  He immediately corrected me by... Read More

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