My Business Philosophy at 40, Part 2

Hello, Keith Long here to continue along the vein of thought started in the last post on business. I had mentioned a book that has helped me become more clear on retirement planning, The Richest Man... Read More

Tips for Enduring the Cold Winter as a Wood Floor Contractor

What do you do to stay on track when work slows down and you’re, well, out in the cold? Congratulations to you if you have gotten to the point in which you stay busy all year long. Don’t skip... Read More

My Business Philosophy at 40

Hello, Keith Long here with Thunderheart Flooring.Up to this point while doing these blog posts, I’ve focused on putting out technical information specific to the trade of hardwood flooring. On... Read More

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LEED v4: Changes to the Familiar

As we end our first look at LEED v4, we need to look at the third major area of change: the addition and subtraction of familiar options. Much of this has been touched on already, but this is another... Read More

LEED v4: Going Certified & Transparent

We’re looking at the types of changes in the new LEED v4 and I think this is probably the feature that will hit the bottom line for most of the flooring industry: a significant increase in the need... Read More

LEED V4: The Radical Restructuring

Last week I suggested that one way to look at the new LEED v4 was to consider three types of changes. The first and most significant to LEED builders is the radical restructuring of the category... Read More

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A Great Way to End Up in an Inspection

When the installer gets the call to come back to the job site to complete a board replacement, he should have the skill sets to complete it successfully. Here is a repair of a prefinished floor; look... Read More

More Words of Advice on OSB Subfloors

I had a blog entry earlier this year about OSB subflooring. I want to continue that discussion some more. One question I received after the last entry was whether my statement that coated fasteners... Read More

A Simple Solution to Avoid This Inspection

Causing sanding damage to millwork items such as the baseboard and base shoe is a floor refinisher's nightmare. In many cases, the millwork has already seen wear and tear. Now, after sanding, it has... Read More

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NWFA Adds Member Value Through Partnerships

Something the leadership and staff at NWFA have on their minds daily is how to add value for members, how to make the investment in NWFA membership a no-brainer. One way to do that is through smart... Read More

NWFA Education Is Valuable for Claims Prevention

I most recently wrote about the "Best Wood Flooring Inspectors in the Industry." In that post, I laid out improvements we've made to the NWFA Certified Wood Flooring Inspectors program and... Read More

On the Road: Sheoga's Growth, Stewardship and Patriotism

About 50 miles east of Cleveland is the village of Burton, Ohio, founded in 1798. Burton features a town square fashioned after the village greens of New England. While visiting there last week, I... Read More

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