Uncovering An Old Trick During a Restoration

Recently we did a restoration job on this floor in an older home. This is the “before” pic of the floor:So as you can see below, we replaced boards and resanded to make the floor look almost... Read More

Today's Soapbox: Fixing Other Contractors' Crappy Work!

You know, my friends, I really wanted to send Kim a blog about how to sand jatoba floors (Brazilian cherry). Unfortunately, I found the following issue needed my immediate attention. I promise it... Read More

A Game Changer: Kansas City in 1988

Game changers can redefine an event. They provide a reference point that often takes things in another direction. For the wood flooring crowd, one of the biggies was the NWFA convention in Kansas... Read More

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Zeroing in on Language, Part 2: Valuing E0

You see E0 on a lot of labels, don’t you? It’s also in a lot of marketing material. And I think it has zero meaning for our industry. For the majority of the industry, when you see an “E,” Read More

Zeroing in on Language, Part 1: ‘Zero Content’

You will often see advertising promising “Zero VOC content” and “E0 formaldehyde” or similar language. That “zero” looks pretty good, doesn’t it? Unfortunately it’s not really... Read More

Goodbye to NAUF?

As noted a few weeks ago, NAUF is No Added Urea Formaldehyde. And no, the industry is not stopping production of NAUF flooring, there’s still plenty out there, but its specified demand may well be... Read More

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A Great Way to End Up in an Inspection

When the installer gets the call to come back to the job site to complete a board replacement, he should have the skill sets to complete it successfully. Here is a repair of a prefinished floor; look... Read More

More Words of Advice on OSB Subfloors

I had a blog entry earlier this year about OSB subflooring. I want to continue that discussion some more. One question I received after the last entry was whether my statement that coated fasteners... Read More

A Simple Solution to Avoid This Inspection

Causing sanding damage to millwork items such as the baseboard and base shoe is a floor refinisher's nightmare. In many cases, the millwork has already seen wear and tear. Now, after sanding, it has... Read More

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NWFA Adds Member Value Through Partnerships

Something the leadership and staff at NWFA have on their minds daily is how to add value for members, how to make the investment in NWFA membership a no-brainer. One way to do that is through smart... Read More

NWFA Education Is Valuable for Claims Prevention

I most recently wrote about the "Best Wood Flooring Inspectors in the Industry." In that post, I laid out improvements we've made to the NWFA Certified Wood Flooring Inspectors program and... Read More

On the Road: Sheoga's Growth, Stewardship and Patriotism

About 50 miles east of Cleveland is the village of Burton, Ohio, founded in 1798. Burton features a town square fashioned after the village greens of New England. While visiting there last week, I... Read More

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